Private School Satellite Program Requirements



Number of school days –There are no required number of days per year in private schools.  Most public school districts require 180 to 200 days. While not legally required, it is wise for home-based private schools to operate 180 days per year. Days of excused absence are traditionally included in the 180-day total, so if you or your child are sick during the school year, you don’t need to make up those days during the summer.


Number of hours – There is no required number of hours per school day for private schools. Public schools must operate a minimum of three hours and twenty minutes for grades 1-3, and four hours for grades 4-12. While these requirements do not apply to private schools, it is probably wisest to plan for at least three hours for the lower grades and four for the upper grades. Remember, though, that home economics, independent study time, reading, discussion time, field trips, and activities can all be included in school time.


The instructors must be "capable of teaching." There is no definition of "capable of teaching" and no requirement in the education code for a teacher in a private school to hold a state teaching credential or to have equivalent training. Thus, it is the private school administrators who determine if teachers in the school are capable of teaching.


Instruction must be taught in English, although there are exceptions for students whose first language is not English.


Instruction must be offered "in the several branches of study required to be taught in the public schools.


¨ For grades 1-6, the required branches of study are English, mathematics, social sciences, science, visual and performing arts, health, and physical education.

¨ For grades 7-12, the required branches are the same as those for grades 1-6, plus foreign language, applied arts, and career-technical education.


For those in High School, it is best to get on your local high school website to determine what courses they require so that you may emulate this as much as possible. Click here for local high school graduation requirements.


Vaccinations: parents are to provide proof of vaccinations at time of enrollment unless other arrangements have been made. If parent objects to vaccines, an exempt letter in the enrollment package should be signed.