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All CCA families may choose to enroll in Home School Legal Defense Association using our school discount #299708. If interested, please see below how to join and be sure to use our school discount and save.


Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) has been protecting homeschool freedom and helping families make homeschooling possible for nearly 40 years. Over 100,000 member families trust HSLDA's team of lawyers and educational consultants to answer questions and resolve problems in homeschooling. HSLDA works with the homeschool community from local and state levels and we speak up for homeschooling in the courts, legislatures, media, and public arena. For as little as $14/month, your family can enjoy the many benefits of HSLDA membership. Learn more at



Use our group’s discount code:299708 and save!


When you use our group’s discount code for $15 off annual HSLDA membership. Not only does using our discount code benefit your family with savings, but our group will also receive a small reward for every brand new HSLDA member who signs up using our discount code. That gives us a bit more to put towards our group’s activities and resources in ways that allow all of our member families to benefit! Please ask us how you can easily take advantage of this discount code savings!

What does HSLDA provide you as a California home school family?


Taken right from the HSLDA website is the following:


  • Every child is different and should have the freedom to learn in a safe, loving environment at their own pace.

  • We partner with our 100,000 member families, donors, homeschool leaders, legislators, and others who want to protect this freedom.

  • We’ve been trusted for over 35 years to advance and protect homeschool freedom in the courts, legislatures, and in the court of public opinion.

  • We equip parents with resources, educational consultants, and Compassion grants because we love homeschooling and want more families to experience it.

  • We know the benefits and challenges of homeschooling personally—most of our staff are homeschool parents and grads.

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