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Book One - The Journey of Grace series

Grace In The Shadows

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About Me


My name is Karon Ruiz and I reside with my husband in Fresno, CA. I have always wanted to write fiction and it wasn’t until my children all moved out and began their own lives that I picked up this story that had been changing from year to year.


Grace In The Shadows was completed in the fall of 2017. As I entered 2018, I was ready to take on a new project. The sequel, Grace In The Darkness had an estimated completion date of January 2020 but as the pandemic unfolded, my life began to shift. It seems my half-written sequel found a place to simmer on my back burner of life.  Currently, in 2023, I am once again crafting the sequel.


Read a  Grace In The Shadows excerpt here. I would love to know what you think!

For more information about my home school journey, please click here.


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